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My thoughts on the beta Facebook layout

Recently, I was prompted to try a beta Facebook layout and as you can see, it's pretty dark (you can have this new layout without the dark option). I'm not entirely sure why they have done this or how it sits with the wider recent rebranding of Facebook.

Colour choice aside, this new layout has taken some getting used to. I've stuck with it for a good few weeks now but some of the main differences are:

1. Introduction of the top bar navigation to find friends and a 'watch' icon has been added. This just highlights how important video is for Facebook. Also within this bar is a quick route to 'Marketplace' and 'Groups'. I can't work out if this is standard or customised as I don't sell / buy on Facebook but I have joined a number of groups.

2. No more newsfeed? Sponsored posts appear on the right hand side which has been an option in Facebook ads before but it's now quite lost I think in the black background. And what does this mean from a creative point of view.

3. It does feel a lot less cluttered. In the current version, there's a lot going on and not much white space no matter which area of Facebook you are in but this new layout and dark version, seems to make the news feed stand out more to me.

Good news is that I can currently switch in between the two at any time and see how the beta site evolves so watch this space for more updates.

The bad news is that there is no update on when this will roll out or if it even will. And it doesn't work for ads / business manager.

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